Wednesday, November 26, 2008

There's-a gonna be some changes round here

Pay attention, all 4 loyal readers. With my undergraduate classes drawing to a close on Thursday

>>break for celebratory dance<<

it's time for some changes in my life, and of course the most important thing for me to consider is how I run this blog*. Unfortunately it has not been quite what I had hoped it would be when
I started. That being said, I started with the intentions of updating friends and family on my goings-on in Germany this summer, but decided to keep on with it indefinitely. Because of this setup, though, I haven't established a particular style**, or carved out any specific niche.

While a number of posts of quite widely varying format have appeared on here as I test out what works and what doesn't (at least in my mind), I have not been able to make postings as regularly as I would like, and I often find I have interesting things to write but am too busy, lack the inclination, or just plain forget. I am particularly proud of a few articles, and not so much with some others. I hope that a bit of a reworking might help out, and a commitment to a specific style. I also hope that a consistent style.

Expect a change of pseudonym. After having surveyed the various other blogs out there, I notice one thing I seriously lack is a cool-ass name. While one can get an idea of me from the profile information provided, I feel a cooler science-y name would much better express my attitude than a paragraphs would. I just need to figure out what that might be.

Another thing I will do my best to stop doing is saying (even if it's just to myself) that I will write something in the future***. While I continue to say that I'll fill in the stuff and post pictures from the summertime, I have come to realize that it's been a while, and no one really cares that much anymore. I had a blast, and it was great, saw lots, did lots (and had a difficult time this fall coming down from that 4-month high), but when it's so far removed now as to be silly. There are stories to be told still, and they will eventually make their way out, but I'll stop being in such a hurry when I don't actually get it done. I've got some ideas now, but I'll keep those cards close to the chest for now.

Interestingly, while this started last time I had exams in April, the first time I will have felt I have the time to sit down and write out thoughtful stuff is now the next round of exams. In some ways, I'm just an anti-student, I guess. While my peers are pulling all-nighters in the library, I'm bored in between tests and take to writing online. I dunno.

So onward I go to my final batch of exams. I must value this time, as some complaints about other students may only be valid while I am still an undergrad. My time to still whine about my peers is shortening. I must make haste. Oh, and perhaps I might benefit from doing just a little studying. We'll see if I can fit it in.

*The first of many changes, I am owning up to what this is. Though I wish someone would have come up with a better word for it.
**Any suggestions are, of course, welcome. Whether I use them or not is up to me.
***A post on amino acids is still forthcoming, however. I don't have the impact to get it to those that probably might benefit the most, but it's good practice for me in several ways, all the same.

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