Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Science is Hella-cool

It seems the proposal has been put forward to make the SI prefix for 10 to the 27th power “hella-”

I’m a little surprised that this wasn’t named already, I had just assumed that these prefixes were already named up to and far beyond what we would ever need to use. Granted, we haven’t found much use for 10^27 yet; it’s been almost twenty years since the previous (yotta-) was named.

There’s a facebook petition to convince the overlords (Système International – you know they’re the real Illuminati, right?) to add this to their vocabulary. With the force of thousands of high-schoolers and college students, they might just have to concede to the masses.

I can already envision bait-and-switch manoeuvres to lure in unsuspecting young recruits to science.

“Hella-big ridic all-ages edutainment nite! Off the rails, yo!”

It’ll so work.

MakeHellaOfficial Headquarters: http://www.makehellaofficial.blogspot.com/

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