Thursday, November 20, 2008

No pressure.....

So I just handed in the major project for my "Protein and nucleic acid structure" course, the notes for which will essentially be the rules I live by for the next few years at least. Being interested in doing pretty much exactly what I just submitted more or less full time, it means I better have done a good job. But who knows.

I'm not happy with my submission, a lot more could have been done, and a lot was omitted that
a) I spent a lot of time on and
b) is relevant given enough space to explain it
We'll see. I'm not happy with it, but that doesn't mean I'll do poorly.
I've left tests before that I thought I failed and in fact aced them (albeit following a generous bell curve). Let's hope this assignment is like that too. With the expectation that I do well, even an 85% might be a disappointment, though. We'll see.

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