Monday, May 5, 2008

Wow, from the plane, the landscape looks almost as real as Google Earth!

Why anyone would want an aisle seat in a plane beats me. Pretty much my whole flight I stared out the window if there were anything to see, and especially when passing over Ireland, England, Belgium, and Germany there was tons. I started writing down what I saw, but really wish I had pulled out my camera. I'll do that on the way back for sure.

Some things I noticed about how the German landscape is different from Canada:
-No wasted space: everything is housing, farmland or dense forest, there's no empty lots, sprawling suburbs or other inefficient use of space
-Terra cotta terra cotta terra cotta: all the roofs (rooves) of houses are clay tiles, or al least that colour, and siding is almost always white, making the houses look uniform, but not in the cookie-cutter suburban North American way
-Canola! Maybe I just caught it at the right time, but about a third of the fields are a rich yellow of canola plants.
-Deciduous trees all seem too light. Maybe its just early in the season, but I'm thinking the trees here just have lighter pigment than the maples I'm used to
-Forests that remain are thick and cluster densely, and much more uniform than the mixed forests at home. I don't think they would be reforested but the trees tend to cluster with like in dense sections.

One last thing: It's easy to forget that no matter how dark it is on the ground, up above the clouds it's always sunny. No wonder pilots always seem so happy. Or maybe it was the couple drinks he knocked back before takeoff.

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