Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Science Scouts: Awesome

If you do, or ever have, worked in a lab, you need to check out the Science Scouts. Do it now.

Badges are presented in recognition of scientific accomplishments like setting things on fire, successfully dodging monkey feces, and making fruit flies get it on. Particularly memorable badges include:

The emergency evacuation due to science badge

The I’m a marine biologist and, to be honest, I kind of f**ing hate dolphins badge

The have violated the posterior of an animal in the name of science badge

and the science deprives me of my bed badge (three levels, corresponding to the degree of red-eye suffered as a result of experiments)

I’m waiting on a sustained frost burns while “working” with dry ice badge, or inadvertent acid and base spills keep my hands soft and smooth badge.

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Greg Baute said...

Great site! I want my lab coat covered with them.