Monday, July 13, 2009

Ben Harper’s Drummer is Insane

The Montreal Jazz Festival ended last night, and the final act was Ben Harper and Relentless7. The show, in keeping with the rest of the Jazz Fest, was incredible. Rather than give an overview of the concert as I did for Patrick Watson, I just want to make one comment.

Ben Harper’s drummer (nee Jordan Richardson) is crazy. At one point he drummed by slapping the snare and cymbals with bare hands, and early in the show he used maracas as drumsticks.

In absence of any video online for the concert yet, this appearance on Jimmy Kimmel highlights the insanity pretty well.

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Sticks said...

Holy Smoke!! This band is great! I've never seen Harper rock like this before, and the drummer is, indeed, a MONSTER!!! He has to be one of the top five rock drummers on the planet. Why haven't we heard more about him before now? I am a subscriber to Modern Drummer, and if they don't do a feature on this guy soon, I'm going to cancel my subscription.