Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Important Medical Breakthrough via The Onion

From the Onion:

Scientists Discover Gene Responsible for Eating Whole Goddamn Bag of Chips

This makes me feel a little bit better. I need not be ashamed anymore. Thank you, genetic determinism, for making me feel better about my low self-control.

As a biochemist, I’m interested in the mechanism by which this gene might exert it’s effect:

"People with this gene have up to four times the amount of fritoceptors normally found in a human," Alvaro said. "This increases their pleasure response to snaxamine-2, the human body's principal chip-eating hormone, which is released in response to giant handfuls of chips being shoveled into the mouth. This tends to promote entire-goddamn-bag-eating behavior in those individuals who possess the series."

Makes sense.

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