Friday, June 19, 2009

A New Home, New Language, New Culture

Seeking out research opportunities in my field has brought me to McGill university, located in the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec. I wouldn’t have believed you, had you told me a few years ago that I would be here now. That said, it has not been overly difficult to get adjusted and settled in here. While the primary language here is French, Anglophones have little difficulty navigating, speaking with locals, and basically doing anything, as most people here are bilingual. I’m told that it is in fact difficult to learn French here as if you have any sort of Anglo accent, people revert to English. My 9th-grade French education has come into use, but has by no means been essential.

While it is taking me some time to adjust to the rapid-fire pace of downtown in a major urban centre, the noise of constant traffic outside my bedroom and a general attitude of disinterest by passers-by that I’m not used to, I’m beginning to get settled in, used to things, and comfortable.

I expect I will have a lot to offer up about this fine city in the future. For now, I’ll leave up a photo of downtown Montreal, as seen from Mont-Royal, the city’s namesake.


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