Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Montreal Photojournal 1: Club Main

To kick off an anticipated string of photos to share from Montreal, I today present a photo from the past weekend’s Club Main event. For the weekend, St. Laurent (“Le Main”) street is closed to traffic and local businesses extend their shops, restaurants, etc. to the street. The weather was not particularly great for an outside gathering, so it was fairly quiet, at least when I was there. I did, however, find my way to one of the small parks along the street, and, well, see for yourself. Look closely.



Can’t see?

I’ll give you a hint: the mistress of ceremonies led the show in a pleasing baritone. Such is Montreal.

edit: just figured out, though it was staring me in the face, the performance was actually part of the St-Ambroise Fringe festival (duh)

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