Saturday, June 27, 2009

Europe photo leftovers 1: Berlin Hauptbahnhof

So with a mountain of photos left over from a year ago now in Europe, I’ve realized that they don’t do that much good just sitting in my hard drive, taking up space, and occasionally showing up in screensavers. Thus, even though it is now a long time past, I’m starting a series of posts to put up some of my favourite photos from my escapades in Germany and thereabouts, that were never shared on here before.

To start off, this is the Berlin Hauptbahnhof (central station).


This massive building is one of the largest train stations on the continent, and is five gigantic stories tall. For a better idea of scale:


Those little white specks behind the bus? Those are people.

And this is the place from the inside. Trains run at both the top, and lowest levels. The place also effectively doubles as a shopping mall, as well. One could buy food, luggage, books, and even clothes.

Berlin_Hauptbahnhof_3 The place was a daunting introduction to Europe; I spent at least half an hour wandering around lost (and sleep-deprived) before I found out where I needed to go.

Wikipedia has proven itself yet again, and provided one last awesome photo to tag on here, from the grand opening, and I have to share it even if its not mine.


Perhaps this all doesn’t mean much unless you were there, but the place is truly impressive, and while not a tourist attraction, definitely deserves note, and that’s why it gets mention here.

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