Friday, August 22, 2008

Things I have learned so far about food in Germany

1. Chocolate does not make for a great breakfast food. The sugar high lasts just long enough to get you to work before crashing.

2. Buying cheese when you don't understand the language can be a dangerous undertaking.

3. Gigantic German lunches kill productivity. The temptation to sleep through seminars becomes overwhelming.

4. No-name Nutella® is indistinguishable from the original, and half the price. Making #1 a lesson learned a second time.

5. Germany not only has strong beer; a cup of coffee in the morning can triple the speed of work. The concomitant jitters only cause twice as many mistakes.

6. Quark - something between cream cheese and yogurt, is delicious and filling.
6b. To make a German cheesecake, just add quark to a pie shell and bake it. Have not made up my mind on this yet.....

7. You pay for the fat in milk, and not the removal. 3.5% = 0.68 1.5% = 0.62

8. If you are in North Germany, fish can indeed be traditional German food.
8b. If you are in North Germany, fish is indeed the traditional smell.

9. Not only beer, but wine and spirits are ridiculously cheap, which begs the question of how much of the cost of alcohol worldwide is actually just tax. It also begs the question of why there are not noticeably more alcoholics running around.

10. An extra serving of meat can, in fact, count as a vegetable.

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