Saturday, August 16, 2008

Going Dark

This is it, my last week in Hannover. Next two weeks I will be headed around Germany, checking out some places I didn't want to be limited to visiting in a weekend, and trying to get outdoors a bit more, on my own, exploring some of the world-famous natural sites here, which I really haven't done that much of yet, and lends itself to the travelling alone I largely have to do.

"But what will I do with myself for two weeks without updates?" you ask? Well, don't you fear, my humble readers, because I've done my best to get some postings up and ready and they'll go live while I'm away. Post-dated cheques, if you will. Oh how the internet has changed the world.

So pretend like I'm there actually writing while you read but know that I am in fact hanging out on a beach on the Baltic or hiking the Alps. Jealous? Then I've accomplished my goal.

You'll know I'm back home because the tone of postings will change to bitter, exasperated and insomniatic. Such is the fun of jet lag.

Bis später, my minions.

p.s. I have accumulated many topics to write of that have built up over my summer here and have hardly scratched the surface in writing about them, and that will not stop upon arrival back home in Our Home and Native Land. One will simply have to pretend the narrator is still overseas.

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