Thursday, July 3, 2008

The research environment trans-Atlantically

It's actually quite surprising that you can fly across and Ocean, to a different land with different culture, and yet come to a workplace where everything is almost identical to a workplace back home, but when someone screws up they yell "schei├če", instead of "shit".

In Germany, superiors hate giving speeches about safety but because of law, have to begrudgingly run you through all the rules and regulations. In Germany, all the grad students start late and end later. In Germany, when salespeople come by, everyone ignores them and continues working as long as possible, and the technicians scoff at the offers once the salespeople leave. In Germany, everyone wears lab coats when important people are scheduled to visit, but can't be bothered otherwise.

There's so much more the same about day-to-day life in the lab than different, which is really the last thing I expected. I don't mind it. It's my island of similarity in this foreign land. They even present in English. More on that later.

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