Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No, not a desk JOB.....

....but a desk would be nice.

One of the pitfalls of the undergraduate lab experience is you have to do everything from a single lab bench, as being at the bottom of the totem those are the resources you get (and that is if you are lucky!). This is wonderful if the lab bench is all you need, but when it comes time to do work that doesn't involve pipetting, handling Eppis, or streaking plates, it is nice to sit in a real chair, work at a desk and write things down.

The worst is when it comes to reading papers, because it is nearly impossible to concentrate on the material while hunched over the high bench space sitting on an uncomfortable lab stool (They make them uncomfortable on purpose, so you aren't tempted to sit down for long). Never mind the other lab workers to your left and right who crowd you when all you need is somewhere to sit and read.

I look forward to some day when I may have a small desk space and dare I suppose, even a computer, to call my own and work at. "Be careful what you wish for," you say, and I take that advice, but my aching feet and lower back really just need a break.

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