Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Summer’s End in Montreal

So the summer is coming to an end in the fair metropolis of Montreal. I’ll remember the sunny days this summer. All three of them. More, I’ll remember the rain. All. the. fucking. rain. But I’m sure it will only take one blizzard this winter to make me wish it was rainy summer again.


I notice that the summer here is ending as the undergrads descend upon the student ghetto, and I feel that familiar mix of feelings, partly mild annoyance, partly deep envy of the students who are getting to begin their university careers this fall. In some ways I wish I could go back to that point, but for the most part I’m glad that part of my life is behind me.


As more and more people move in and the student-fed industries come to life, I’m finding it almost a little too busy for me. A trip home for a week should do me some good, and I’ll be back here, full steam in September to start work as a grad student proper. Expect a dearth of material here over the next week, though I’ll try to get some stuff rounded up and pre-posted before I leave. Such is the beauty of the internets.


Next time you hear from me live, I will no longer be caught in limbo, lying somewhere between undergrad and grad student; I will officially be a grad student at McGill University. Guess I need to stop shaving and stack up on microwave noodles...

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Greg Baute said...

Glad to hear it. congrats!