Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is a study area. No popped collars allowed!

So every time exams roll around, a bunch of students I haven't seen before seem to come out of nowhere and invade my study space.

Where were they before? Studying somewhere that didn't infringe upon my right to study in peace? Did they have the misfortune of all beginning their semesters 12 weeks late? Or did they materialize from thin air, some psychic byproduct of my intense concentration on my studies?

Seeing as the school's population manages to remain roughly constant throughout this happening every exam period, I'd say option 3 is out (ignoring the possibility that they spontaneously combust as soon as I'm out of sight). And #2 seems pretty unlikely, so that leaves the first option, studying somewhere else. Except based on their attitudes, probably minus the studying.

An interesting tangent to the question of where all these students come from is why all of the invaders seem to loooooove the popped collars. There's also been a real increase in the usage of the terms "sup", "bro" and "dude" of recently. My daily quota of Chad exposure has recently been getting used up within about 10 minutes at the start of the day.

I'd tell these guys to leave the Abercrombie at the frat house and when you're at school to study, shut up and study. Its they least they can do, as their presence alone disturbs those who have come to rely on having a reasonably peaceful, quiet study space.

I would say that, if I wanted a quick trip to the hospital to get my face reconstructed.

Instead, I will mock from afar, and write derisive comments on the internet. Take that, Chads.

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