Monday, October 27, 2008

Fettes Brot ist toll!

Since getting back home in late August, I've had more reliable internet access than I had over the summer, and so have been able to look into some bands I learned of this summer in Germany. By far my favorites, who I have listened to far too much over the last two months, are a Hamburg Hip-Hop group called Fettes Brot. König Boris, Doktor Renz, and Schiffmeister make up the group, and something about their style harks back to 1980's American Hip-Hop. If you're looking for upbeat stuff with the exotic-ness of being in a nother language, check these guys out. My favorite is a story about the heartbreaker Emanuela:

Was weißt denn du von Liebe? Von Liebe weißt du nichts.
Dich ham deine gefüle mal wieder ausgetrickst.
Du hältst dich für gefärlich, doch siehst nicht nie Gefahr.
Das hier ist die geschichte von Emanuela.

What do you know about love? You know nothing about love.
Your feelings are playing tricks on you again.
You think you're dangerous, but don't see the danger.
This here is the story of Emanuela.

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